Performance Management

In order to easily quantify and track the performance of any given service delivered on behalf of the NHS, certain key information needs to be efficiently captured, compiled and presented to the commissioning organisation.

This data can be very varied ranging from average waiting times (RTT), DNA rates, onward referral rates, SUIs, basic patient demographics, service uptake and patient satisfaction.  Very early on Echotech realised that this data collection had to be integral to all the various facets of our clinical operations.

With this in mind we make use of database technology to record just about every aspect of what we do, from the images of hearts pumping to the time it takes from the receipt of referral to the patient receiving their test.

These data sets can be used to produce quality accounts or performance reports exactly tailored to the commissioner’s requirements, in any format they so wish.

This is aimed at taking a good deal of the workload off the NHS so they can quickly evaluate the overall performance (and value for money) that our service provides.