The GPSI Led One Stop Community Cardiology Service

Developing a one stop community service is the goal for many Commissioners. It is more efficient and convenient for a patient to attend a single session for triage, diagnostic work up and clinical management. This model also leads to improved referral to treatment times and reduced referrals to secondary care. The key is putting in place a multi-disciplinary team equipped with the necessary infrastructure to efficiently follow a prearranged treatment algorithm.

One of the earliest contracts awarded to Echotech was to provide a community echo service to support a one stop GPSI led cardiology service in East London. Following the echo, the results are immediately conveyed to the GPSI, who reviews both the patient’s clinical history and echo report. A treatment plan is drawn up and the referring GP is notified of the findings and GPSI recommendations.

The service proved so successful that the GPSI was later joined by the local cardiologist in the community to provide further specialist input, as required.