Echotech Clinical Governance Arrangements

Echotech is fully compliant with Clinical Governance requirements and is committed to continually reviewing and improving its service through a set of Clinical Governance Arrangements.

Clinical Supervision
All clinical operations are overseen by the Echotech Clinical Lead, a Consultant Cardiologist Echocardiography Specialist. The development of Guidelines and ensuring the quality of Clinical Reporting are integral to this role.

Immediate Cardiological Clinical Review allows for immediate access to reports and study images. When major abnormalities are detected in the Community, Echotech Cardiac Physiologists email the UltraLInq 'refer exam' link to the Echotech Clinical Lead for immediate cardiological clinical review.

Clinical Audit and Quality Assurance
More than one third of all study images are reviewed by Senior Echotech Clinical Staff to ensure the highest clinical quality is maintained. Data is captured in the EchoNet database which generates the Quality Accounts.

Quality Accounts
Echotech Quality Accounts represent a comprehensive picture of the quality of the service based on a set of key performance indicators.

Training and Continuing Education
The development of our clinical staff is central to maintaining quality and improving health outcomes.

All clinical staff are subject to weekly peer review with associated learning outcomes. Regular training days are held to share information about the latest advances in echocardiography and to maximise professional development.

Recruitment and Accreditation
Valid BSE Accreditation is an essential requirement for a Cardiac Physiologist position with Echotech.

During the recruitment process, all applicants are subject to a Practical Competency Assessment.

All necessary NHS pre-employment checks are carried out. These include:
Verification of Identity
Right to Work
Criminal Records Bureau (Enhanced Disclosure)
Registration and qualification
Employment history
Professional References

Measuring Satisfaction
Echotech conducts ongoing satisfaction surveys for patients and stakeholders. The outcomes are used to manage performance and improve the service.

Our service has been specifically designed around those standards of care set nationally by NICE and the National Service Framework for coronary heart disease.

Clinical governance is the system through which NHS organisations are accountable for continuously improving the quality of their services and safeguarding high standards of care by creating an environment in which excellence in clinical care will flourish.

A first class service: Quality in the New NHS. DH July 1998