Working for Echotech

Staff First and Foremost

Echotech prides itself on employing cardiac physiologists, who are all individually accredited by the BSE. All staff undergo a programme of continued education and professional development through the process of Peer Review and company sponsored training and conference attendance. Additionally, staff are equipped with cutting edge technology to ensure the highest standards of reporting consistency and accuracy are maintained.


Echotech is able to offer working hours to suit our team, as we are often in the fortunate position in being able to dictate at the outset which days and clinics we can cover for our NHS customers. We can offer full time, part-time and sessional work. Our clinical managers benefit from being able to work from home.


Community echo means getting out of the hospital and in to health centres and surgeries. There is more independence and the challenge that comes from being your own boss for the time you are out in the field. 


Being part of the Echotech team is being a part of a BSE accredited department with clinical advice, support and training as and when you need it. Our reporting systems allow you to ask for advice on particular studies whether they be difficult images or unusual pathology. The UltraLinq system means that your peers are able to view those study images within minutes of you recording them no matter where you are.

We provide thorough training.