Recruitment of Cardiac Physiologists

To apply for a position with Echotech, all Cardiac Physiologists must match the following profile:

HNC/Degree in Clinical Physiology
Intermediate / Advanced Life Support
BSE Accreditation

At least 5 years experience within cardiology department (MT04 / band 7 or above equivalent)
Competent in the performance, interpretation and reporting of routine and complex echocardiography

Other knowledge and skills
ECG interpretation
Computing and typing

Personal qualities
Flexible and reliable
Self motivated
Excellent communication skills

Following application for a position with Echotech, references are applied for and an interview held. Echotech also undertakes all appropriate pre-employment checks including:

At interview, the applicant needs to demonstrate he/she matches the above profile, as well as providing documented evidence of his/her qualifications (including BSE accreditation certificate).

Having satisfied the above, an initial echocardiography session is held with an Echotech Clinical Operations Manager. During this session, the applicant needs to demonstrate that his/her practical skills match the documented evidence.

This includes the completion of a competency assessment sheet consisting of 38 competency indicators.

Once the Clinical Operations Manager is satisfied with the applicant’s knowledge and practical skills, a position with Echotech is offered.

Management Statement

In order to lead, manage and develop our teams effectively, our Managers should:

  1. Provide open and honest lines of communication
  2. Be approachable
  3. Be organised
  4. Be professional
  5. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of their team in order to maximise their potential
  6. Demonstrate commitment to the role and find time for unexpected issues, where appropriate
  7. Support the professional development of others
  8. Set a good example
  9. Ready to offer praise and recognition to team members whenever appropriate
  10. Ensure at all times, Echotech has the capability and capacity to deliver its service to exacting high standards of quality