About Us


InHealth Echotech Limited is a private limited company. Incorporated in March 2001, the company’s registered offices are in Portsmouth, Hampshire.

Our principal business is the supply of community based (out of Hospital) echocardiography services for the Public Sector.

Our Strategy

To provide echo services across the entire UK Public Sector, fully satisfying the growth in demand for out of hospital echo in existing and new markets.

Our Values

We are passionate about our work and are committed to establishing enduring relationships on all levels. This can only be achieved by acting with integrity at all times.

Our business is guided by a desire to add value and make a difference. Social responsibility, employee care and corporate transparency are all at the core of our business strategy.

To support the delivery of truly integrated Cardiology services, we believe that collaboration with Commissioners, GPs, Acute Trusts, Patients, Industry, Charities and Competitors is the way forward.

Our Clients

Our principal client is the NHS in England and we have a large number of contracts in place with the newly formed GP Clinical Commissioning Groups across the Country.

In other areas we supply services indirectly to the NHS as a sub-contractor of two large independent health care organisations: InHealth and Care UK. In our capacity as sub-contractor we are responsible solely for the clinical aspect of the service they supply to the NHS.

We also provide an echocardiography screening service for the MOD across several army recruitment centres.

The current volume of diagnostic tests we supply to the Public Sector stands at over 40,000 episodes per year. 

Our Mission

To utilise the very latest technologies coupled with the very best trained staff to provide a cardiac diagnostic service delivering outstanding quality to patients and value for the tax payer.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see increasing numbers of routine cardiac diagnostics being shifted from the traditional acute trust settings to locations that are closer and more convenient for patients.

We wish to lead the way in pioneering new ways of delivering services on behalf of the Public Sector to maximise efficiency and reduce waste.

Our Objectives

To ensure patients receive the right test, at the right time and in the most clinically appropriate clinical setting.

To provide a high quality echocardiography service which is closer to home for patients.

To enable the early identification of patients with cardiac abnormalities and subsequent management of these patients within primary care.

To increase prevention of cardiovascular disease due to early diagnosis.

To improve the quality of GP referral and management of cardiology within primary care.

To reduce demand and waiting times for secondary care services.

Key Initiatives

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